About NCL

Over the years, as demand has grown for modern mines mills construction and upgrades, so too has the engineering expertise across the BID Group of Companies.

With the establishment of NCL Engineering as part of the BID Group team, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality services while saving them money on their new facility, upgrade or retrofit investment. Having over three decades of experience in hands-on project management and construction, we can provide unique insight when designing any solution. By working closely with both our customer and our construction/installation crews, we can provide economies of scale and highly customized solutions that are not typically achieved with traditional consultants.

We specialize primarily in forestry and mining environments, designing sawmills, planer mills, materials handling (eg. conveyors) and ultimately any component required throughout an entire complex. We then work directly with our manufacturing operations, like Nechako Mechanical or Deltech, where the same experienced personnel will build the solutions we’ve helped to design. This close partnership ensures you receive the highest product quality and cost savings available.

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